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Sfogato Music and Arts Society was founded in Cracow, in the Chopin Year 2010, by a pianist Marta Polanska. The name of this association comes from Barcarolle F-sharp major op. 60 by Frederic Chopin, a piece connected with the term dolce sfogato used by its author to subscribe it.
Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz sees dolce sfogato as a moment that brings catharsis, ecstasy and purification. Marceli A. Szulc wrote: "This nocturne with a calming ballad brings out a joint song of a couple in love, whose life is momentarily in jeopardy. According to Wilhelm von Lenz, a famous pianist Karol Tausing "heard the Barcarolle as a duet of lovers, a love scene in a venetian gondola." André Gide in his Notes on Chopin is delighted that: "Chopin uses the word sfogato. Was there any other composer that ever used this term? Was there anyone before him trying to express, having the need to express this idea, naming this sudden intake of a gust of wind unexpectedly interrupting the rhythm, overwhelming with fragrant freshness - the whole middle part of Barcarolle?"
The Society's goals are to conduct versatile activities in fields of music, art, culture, science and education by means of:

  • popularizing music and culture as well as increasing popular awareness on them,
  • promoting music, especially this by Fryderyk Chopin, but also art and science,
  • promoting polish music, art and science abroad,
  • helping and promoting the young and talented,
  • archiving works of culture and science,
  • organizing competitions, contests, festivals as well as musical, artistic, cultural, science and educational events,
  • providing aid to the disabled,
  • charity


The Society is made up of musicians, artists and scientists joined by their passion for art.

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The Sfogato Music & Arts Society
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